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It has been said that Bhutan is what Tibet would be without control from the Chinese government.  It is true that Tantric Buddhism (commonly known as Tibetan Buddhism) is the predominant religion there.  It is also true that the many wondrous temples, monasteries, and stuppas are all from this tradition.  But Bhutan is also so unique that, in many ways, it is hard to define.  To begin to understand Bhutan, you simply must go there.  This unique experience begins the moment you arrive in this wonderful country, as the plane has to weave its way through mountain peaks on its way to land at Paro International Airport.  The incredible intricate artwork and architecture of the buildings in Nepal is amazing.  The Paro Dzong (fort) and Kyichu Monastery are excellent examples of this.  Perhaps the most spectacular monastery is the Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest), which is perched on the ledge of a virtually sheer-cliffed mountain.  The view of this amazing site is breath-taking; hike the roughly 2-3 hours to the top and view the world from its lofty heights. The Punakha Dzong is also a marvel to behold.  There are many fascinating museums, including the Folk Heritage Museum and the Textile Museum (with spectacular textiles and embroidery!).  The crafts and arts from these hard-working and meticulous people are all especially excellent. Western Bhutan is largely in a valley, but if you’re looking for adventure you can take multi-day treks into the Himalayas in order to take in this marvelous, pristine region of the world!  Western Bhutan is changing fast; the modern world is mixing very quickly with this ancient society.  As you drive further east, the countryside, culture, and facilities become more primitive.  Bhutan is a very unique and exciting destination.

Unique Experiences

Hike up to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Gaze at the Taktsang Dzong Monastery

Marvel at the Punakha Dzong

Experience the unique Tibetan Buddhist culture


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Facts & Statistics:
Name: Bhutan
Population: 699,847
Capital: Thimphu
Languages: Dzongkha (official), Sharchopkha (among Bhotes in the easth), Nepali dialects (popular in the south)
Currency: Ngultrum

Violent storms coming off the Himalaya gave the country its name, meaning "Land of the Thunder Dragon".

Although it borders both India and China, Bhutan is considered one of the most isolated countries in the world. Foreign tourists were not allowed into Bhutan until 1974. (National

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