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Chile is a long, slender country which stretches for 3,000 miles along the west coast of South America (from the southern border of Peru to the closest point to Antarctica).  It is nestled in the gigantic Andes Mountain Range.  At first look, it would appear to be all coastline and mountains.  However, Chile offers a surprising variety of sites and experiences.  The most famous site is Patagonia, whose lakes, glaciers, ice formations, and majestic beauty combine to make it one of the Natural Wonders of the World! Chile also has many other areas of natural beauty including the Salar de Atacama Salt Flats, the Torres Del Paine National Park, Lake Grey, El Tatio’s geysers and mineral rock formations, beautiful valleys, icebergs, fiords, lakes, and islands (including the unique Easter Island, with its Maoi).  There is also a rich and interesting history of the Spanish and the ancient Indian peoples of the area, with ancient ruins and fascinating modern mountain people cultures such as the Aymara Shepherds at Lauca National Park

Chile is also one of the world’s foremost producers of fine wine, with excellent wine valleys such as Colchagua, Maipo, Casa Blanca, and others. Wise entrepreneurs in Chile brought high quality European vines to Chile and started an industry which is now famous for its excellent production. Chile also has excellent skiing. Or, if you wanted to relax at a beautiful beach, you may vacation at Valparaiso, which literally means “Go to Paradise”.  Chile has much to offer the world traveler.
Unique Experiences

Behold amazing Patagonia

Taste the rich wines at a winery/vineyard

Visit Valdivia

Explore Easter Island

Go sand boarding in the Atacama Desert


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Facts & Statistics:
Name: Chile
Population: 16,746,491
Capital: Santiago
Languages: Spanish
Currency: Chilean Peso

Chile's coastline stretches 2,700 miles long, running from the Atacama, the world's most arid desert in the north, through forests, valleys, mountains, lakes, glacier fields, the Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic Circle in the south.

The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is the driest place on Earth. The average rainfall in Antofagasta per annum is just 3mm per year, and there was a period of time where no rain fell there for 40 years.

Chile is never more than 110 miles wide east to west.

Chile has a broad spectrum of growing climates. These climactic variations favor diversified production of fruits and prolonged harvest seasons. In the past 16 years, fresh fruit exports from Chile to North America have increased over 700 percent.

The Chilean fruit-growing season is opposite that of the US., so marketing is complementary rather than competitive.

There are more than 2,000 volcanoes in Chile, of which 50 are actually active.

The city at the very tip of Chile called Punta Arenas is the southernmost city on a continent in the world.

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