Mongolia - Ger Camp, China, Japan - Temple gable reflecting the shape of Mt. Fuji in the background
East Asia

East Asia is a region of the world where some of the most powerful and influential nations arose. China, Mongolia, and Japan have all exerted a fair amount of influence on Asia and at times much of the world. map And yet, while each country’s history is largely intertwined with the others, each has maintained its own distinct culture. In fact, once you have gotten to know them, you are apt to be more struck by their differences than what they have in common.


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Today China is a major economic powerhouse with large, modern cities such as Shanghai and Beijing providing metropolitan centers where millions upon millions come to live. China also offers many testaments to the amazing things that a large, hard-working people with many amazing skills can do for their emperor; e.g. the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Terra Cotta Soldiers, Grand Canal and the Wells of Karez (an underground irrigation system transporting water from the western mountains under approximately 1,000 miles of hot deserts in the Xinjiang Autonomous region). It also has some of the world’s most beautiful nature in Jiu Zai Guo, the Tibetan Plateau, the Western Yunnan and Sichuan Mountains and the fantasy shaped mountains of Guilin and the Li River.

Mongolia is the polar opposite of China in that everywhere you turn there is open and undeveloped land; it is the antidote for claustrophobia. To this day, approximately 45% of Mongolia still practices the Nomadic lifestyle, living in gers and raising sheep, goats, cows, camels and even yaks.  The beauty of the Gobi desert, Lake Huvsgal and the various mountain ranges of Mongolia are breath-taking.

Japan is a land where Life is Art.  The combination of beauty and precision permeates every aspect of society from the gorgeous temples, forts, and palaces to the classic Shogun and Edo houses; it is even apparent in Japanese food, where the smallest, simplest restaurant is likely to have a window with a carefully manicured garden outside to transmit its beauty and tranquility.

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The Semi-Independent Small Group tour

We will work with you to design your ideal trip, organizing visits to the cities and sites that you want. We can arrange small group tours to the more “involved” locations (those requiring special attention due to the relative difficulty of getting there or the added value of having a guide explain the history and important facts of the site) as well as schedule free days as you desire for those sites that are perhaps best visited on your own. On the days that you travel with others you will typically be with 2 – 12 others, and we guarantee your tour and price even if you are the only ones on it. We can arrange your international flights, hotels, and transportation (including rental vehicles, trains, planes, buses, and transfers to and from the airports/hotels). We can also either arrange meals for you or provide you with excellent restaurant recommendations. In short, we can help you maximize your time and minimize the stress. These tours can be surprisingly moderate in cost.

The Private tour

We can arrange your entire trip according to your specifications, regardless of your group size. We can book your desired the level of hotels, arrange all transfers, organize tours with top level guides, and provide you with in-depth experiences in each city and at each site. For private groups traveling, we can organize your entire trip, providing you with a high level travel experience for a surprisingly moderate price.

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