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Japan is a land where life is art! Beauty and detail can be found in everything from temples and shrines, to museums and gardens, to music, drama, and clothing. Japan has a unique culture - a combination of the best of the ancient east and the modern west, yet all distinctly Japanese. We can provide you an insider’s look at Japan, giving you many unique experiences not found on regular tours, such as meetings with top fashion designers, textile and embroidery artists, private interviews with monks and visits to monasteries, as well as visits to small communities in Japan. 

Japan has a wealth of unique experiences to offer.  There are beautiful Buddhist temples, Shogun castles, and King’s palaces throughout Japan, but especially in the Tokyo and Kansia area.  Kyoto is an especially amazing area, with 17 World Heritage sites (Kiyomi zu temple, Nijo Castle, the Golden Temple, Byodo-in Temple, To-ji Temple and many more).  Nara is also rich with historic sites including the Kasuga Taisha, with its giant Buddha – this is the largest wooden building in the world. The stunning Mt. Fuji is another major icon of Japan, although often shrouded in clouds.  If you want to study more about Buddhism, perhaps you will want to spend some time in Koyasan, the holy mountain where you can stay at a Buddhist Monastery.  The golden and silver waters of Arima Springs provide the ultimate in relaxation. Kanazawa and Takeyama take you off the beaten path, where you can see the traditional life, buildings, and gardens of Japan for hundreds of years, including the amazing Edo houses of Gokayama and Shirakawago. In the southwest is Hiroshima, host to the moving Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and museum.  Nearby you can also visit the beautiful Miyajima, with its glorious huge red torii that is surrounded by water at high tide.  There are many castles in Japan, but Himeji is the most glorious and is the original; it was never burned down or ravaged by war.  In the north there is Hokkaido, which has beautiful mountains, rivers, and landscapes. This area is a center for winter and summer sports including white water rafting, hiking, and camping.  For those looking to relax at the beach, Okinawa is the beautiful “Hawaii” of Japan. If you want rich full experiences in Japan at a great value for your travel dollar, we can take you there!
Unique Experiences

Visit the Shrines and Temples in Historic Kyoto

Experience the Nishigin Textile District

Enjoy the Shopping and Nightlife in Tokyo

Travel Japan via the Bullet Trains

Have an adventure in nature in Hokkaido


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Facts & Statistics:
Name: Japan
Population: 126,804,433
Capital: Tokyo
Languages: Japanese
Currency: Yen

With every step passengers at Tokyo Train Station in Japan generate usable energy. Special flooring tiles capture the vibrations generated by footfalls, which is then stored as energy and used to light up the electronic sign boards. (NatGeo)

The area of Harajuku  is bets known for the colorful and funky street fashions of the local youth. (Nat Geo)

The average weight for a top sumo wrestler is 350lbs (160kgs). Sumo Wrestling is one the oldest organized sports on Earth. (NatGeo)

A delicacy in Japan, eating certain parts of the Puffer Fish  can actually lead to paralysis and even death. (NatGeo)

Normura’s Jellyfish flood the Sea of Japan and can weigh up to 4,000lbs

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