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Jordan encompasses a wealth of amazing and historic sites all in one very small country.  Of course there is Petra, which is one of the famous Wonders of the World, but many people do not realize that Jordan has so much more.  The Roman ruins at Jerash are the most complete ruins outside of Italy, which include not only complete streets and a major crossroads of Asia Minor (traveling to Cairo, Jerusalem, Damascus and an Eastern route to Asia), but also major temples to Zeus and Aphrodite, a plaza surrounded by Roman columns, three complete Roman amphitheatres, and a Hippodrome.  Madaba has stunning ancient mosaics from the Byzantine era; at Karak there are castles from the Crusades; Mt. Nebo is the historic site where Moses looked over the Promised Land; Bethany Beyond the Jordan is where John the Baptist baptized Jesus; and Wadi Rum is an amazing desert location with colors and formations that astound.  In fact, this desert scenery is so beautiful that they used major portions of it in filming, “Lawrence of Arabia.”  If you ware looking to relax, you can spend time at a resort on the Dead Sea, likely for a good deal less than it will cost in Israel.  And if you would like to combine a trip to Jordan with one to another country, it is easy to do.  A visit to Jordan works perfectly with one to Egypt, or Israel, or both!  You can even cross the border from Israel to Jordan or visa versa.  We can also provide you trips to Syria and Lebanon.  Jordan is one of tourism’s best kept secrets, and we can show you all of its wonders!

Unique Experiences

Marvel at the intricate carvings of Petra.

Drive through beautiful Wadi Rum

Walk down the ancient Roman Crossroads.

Overlook the Promised Land at Mount Nebo.

Enjoy a luxurious Dead Sea Resort


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Facts & Statistics:
Name: Jordan
Population: 6,407,085
Capital: Amman
Languages: Arabic (official), English
Currency: Jordanian dinar

It is believed that Moses is buried on Mount Nebo of Jordan.

Petra, the capital of the Nabataean Arabs, is a city that was carved into rock two thousand years ago and remained unknown to Europeans until the 19th century.

In Jordan, it is usually polite to decline the offer of a meal three times, before accepting

The Dead Sea, in the northwest of Jordan, forms the lowest point on earth.

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