Argentina - Bird's eye view of Iguazu Falls, Brazil - O Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Chile - Villarica-La, Ecuador - Blue-Foote, Peru - Incan ruins entranceway
South America

Travel to South America and explore the heights of the Andes Mountain range, the pristine nature of Patagonia and the wondrous, gigantic Igassu Falls. You can also experience the adventure of the Amazon River, the map Argentina Brazil Chile Ecuador Peru beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro, and the mysteries of ancient Incan ruins such as Machu Picchu and Sacsayhuaman.

South America’s culture is a mix of Latin America and European influences as well as the local native populations. The influence of Spain and Portugal (in Brazil) is especially apparent. Argentina is particularly noted for their High Fashion. There are many excellent Latino Fashion Designers whose works are presented at the Fashion Week in Buenos Aires as well as around the world.

There are many areas with rich natural resources, major industries, large ranches, major agricultural production as well as some of the best vineyards in the world (especially in Argentina and Chile).

South America offers a rich variety of experiences for the world traveler!

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Experience South America:

Find richly bio-diverse regions - from the Amazon Basin and the Galapagos Islands to the myriad of waterfalls, beaches, and canyons that can be discovered across this vast continent.

This is a world with stunning Spanish cathedrals, historic homes, and unique natural wonders abound. Enjoy eco-lodges, nature walks, river cruises, and unique expeditions that will expose you to the abundance of wildlife, the rich palette of South American food and wines, and the diverse traditions of music, theater, dance, arts, and crafts that characterize this region.

How Our South America Tours are Run

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The Semi-Independent Small Group tour

We will work with you to design your ideal trip, organizing visits to the cities and sites that you want. We can arrange small group tours to the more “involved” locations (those requiring special attention due to the relative difficulty of getting there or the added value of having a guide explain the history and important facts of the site) as well as schedule free days as you desire for those sites that are perhaps best visited on your own. On the days that you travel with others you will typically be with 2 – 12 others, and we guarantee your tour and price even if you are the only ones on it. We can arrange your international flights, hotels, and transportation (including rental vehicles, trains, planes, buses, and transfers to and from the airports/hotels). We can also either arrange meals for you or provide you with excellent restaurant recommendations. In short, we can help you maximize your time and minimize the stress. These tours can be surprisingly moderate in cost.

The Private tour

We can arrange your entire trip according to your specifications, regardless of your group size. We can book your desired the level of hotels, arrange all transfers, organize tours with top level guides, and provide you with in-depth experiences in each city and at each site. For private groups traveling, we can organize your entire trip, providing you with a high level travel experience for a surprisingly moderate price.

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