East African Safari and Kilimanjaro, African Safari Lion, Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls
Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is a region characterized by dramatic landscapes, extreme cultural diversity, emerald coastal waters, and unparalleled wildlife viewing.mapClimates vary widely across this vast region, allowing opportunities to experience everything from dry, arid desert to lush, tropical rainforest; not to mention pristine white sand beaches that gently slope into a marine paradise.

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Experience Sub-Saharan Africa:

From extreme outdoor adventure, to magnificent photo opportunities on up-close and personal animal safaris, to luxurious beachfront lounging, the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa have something for every type of traveler.

During your visit, embark on a culinary adventure across the famed “Spice Island” of Zanzibar, indulge in a tasting tour of South Africa’s renowned wineries, or brave some of the more exotic local offerings. Choose your preferred level of physical activity, whether it be walking with the lions in Botswana, traversing Cape Town’s famed Table Mountain in South Africa, or attempting to summit Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Throughout your trip marvel at the vastness of the great migration from within the famed Masai Mara and Serengeti, the sleek athleticism of a cheetah in Kruger, the imposing stature of a rhinoceros on the floor of Ngorongoro Crater, and the variety of stunning colors showcased by Sub-Saharan Africa’s diverse birdlife. Come explore this majestic region of the world with us!

How Our Sub-Saharan Africa Tours are Run

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The Semi-Independent Small Group tour

We will work with you to design your ideal trip, organizing visits to the cities and sites that you want. We can arrange small group tours to the more “involved” locations (those requiring special attention due to the relative difficulty of getting there or the added value of having a guide explain the history and important facts of the site) as well as schedule free days as you desire for those sites that are perhaps best visited on your own. On the days that you travel with others you will typically be with 2 – 12 others, and we guarantee your tour and price even if you are the only ones on it. We can arrange your international flights, hotels, and transportation (including rental vehicles, trains, planes, buses, and transfers to and from the airports/hotels). We can also either arrange meals for you or provide you with excellent restaurant recommendations. In short, we can help you maximize your time and minimize the stress. These tours can be surprisingly moderate in cost.

The Private tour

We can arrange your entire trip according to your specifications, regardless of your group size. We can book your desired the level of hotels, arrange all transfers, organize tours with top level guides, and provide you with in-depth experiences in each city and at each site. For private groups traveling, we can organize your entire trip, providing you with a high level travel experience for a surprisingly moderate price.

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